Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alex Rodriguez: A Cheat?

        Alex Rodriguez may be one of the most identifiable baseball players in the past 5 decades. However, recent accusations and evidence coming to light has brought this all-star athlete's career to its knees. A-Rod, as his fans call him, has an impressive six-hundred and fifty one homeruns in his brilliant career. But should this feat be taken away from him merely because he used performance enhancing drugs? I do not think so.

       Alex Rodriguez had to endure fans chanting "you're a cheater", is slightly ridiculous. One, because in reality, most major league baseball players use performance enhancing drugs but it seems only the high dollar athletes get tested the most often. And two, take performance enhancers away from Alex Rodriguez, and put him next to every single fan in that stadium, he could out play any one of them.
        Fans need to understand that they are badmouthing a person who has worked extremely hard to get where he is and to maintain his level of play, made a bad decision and used PED's.

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