Sunday, September 29, 2013

Braves Falling Apart?

The Atlanta Braves are having a phenomenal season this year. In my opinion they can be a huge contester in the World Series this October. However, are they falling apart as that milestone nears?

With a loss to the Phillies last night, despite what looked to be a comeback in the ninth inning, the Braves fell behind to the Cardinals for the best record in the national league. They now need a win and a loss for the Cardinals in order to clench home field advantage in the World Series. But their play is not the only thing falling off the table right now.

After the loss last night, Chris Johnson threw his helmet in disgust and it just so happened to hit coach Terry Pendleton who did not take the situation lightly. Heated words were exchanged and after some marginal pushing and shoving the situation calmed down. Is this cause for concern?

We all know about the Jose Fernandez incident that led to a dugout clearing brawl, and just recently, the same situation happened again with Carlos Gomez which was even more heated. Incidentally Gomez was blocked from touching home plate, after he "pimped" a home run, by catcher Brian McCann who was not happy with the attitude Gomez showed.

Are these incidents cause for worry? In my opinion, yes they are. The tensions seem to be very high at this point in the Braves Clubhouse. They need to figure out a why to play the game of baseball, emotions aside, in order to pull out a World Series win, the likes of which hasn't been seen since 1995.

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